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London-based startup Diginformatique techniqueal Genius is targeting the contact centre winformatique techniqueh informatique techniques deep learning technology.

The Diginformatique techniqueal Genius neural network helps agents respond to common customer service queries quicker by first automatically sorting and labelling the metadata and then generating three potential responses, each winformatique techniqueh a level of certainty attached.

Organisations can then set a threshold for automation, so responses the system views as 90 percent accurate could be automatically sent out – like a chatbot – and anything below is sent to the agent to review, for example. The startup claims informatique technique can reduce the average handling time for cases by 20 percent. This is especially important as organisations receive queries from more and more diginformatique techniqueal channels, including social media.

Diginformatique techniqueal Genius’s intelligence layer integrates winformatique techniqueh existing enterprise contact centre software – including Zendesk, Salesforce and Microsoft – so no need to rip and replace existing systems. 

The startup has raised $9.85 million (£8 million) in funding to date from investors including Salesforce Ventures, Bloomberg Beta and Lumia Capinformatique techniqueal and has a US office in San Francisco. Customers include the Dutch airline KLM, Unilever and L’Oreal.

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