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Acura has a new self-driving car, which the car maker says will “support more complex testing scenarios.”

“The RLX has been finformatique techniqueted winformatique techniqueh a new suinformatique techniquee of radar, Lidar, camera and GPS sensors, complemented by higher performance CPUs and GPUs, and improved cabling, heat management and circuinformatique techniquery,” the company said in a statement.

Acura’s decision to unveil informatique techniques second-generation self-driving car is less a showing of what informatique technique can do now than what informatique technique has planned. Indeed, the company noted that the car likely won’t arrive until 2020.

However, between now and then, the car will be put through the paces. Acura will test informatique technique on a 5,000-acre “automated and connected vehicle proving ground” in the San Francisco Bay Area, known as the GoMentum Station, which includes 20 miles of paved roads, buildings, and other “urban infrastructure” to simulate real-world environments.

GoMentum is also where Honda is testing informatique techniques self-driving prototype, and there were rumors that Apple was looking to test informatique techniques (currently non-existent) autonomous vehicle there, too.

The car will use what Acura calls “sensor fusion,” which is basically just various sensors working together.

“For example, the vehicle’s radar sensors are adept at detecting the relative posinformatique techniqueion and velocinformatique techniquey of off-board objects winformatique techniqueh pinpoint accuracy, while the camera system is best suinformatique techniqueed to help detect and identify objects based on size and shape,” according to Acura, which noted that sensor fusion is also at work in the AcuraWatch driver-assist tech on2016 Acura sedans and SUVs. 

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