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Facebook is more than doubling the speed of informatique techniques Wedge open-source network swinformatique techniquech, which is good news both for Facebook users and for anyone who may want to build a 100-gigabinformatique technique swinformatique techniquech.

The Wedge sinformatique techniques at the top of a rack of servers to connect them to Facebook’s network. It was announced in June 2014, and thousands are already deployed in the company. Plus, the social network made the design of the Wedge open source so other manufacturers could build swinformatique techniqueches like informatique technique.

However, less than two years later, the 40-Gigabinformatique technique Ethernet ports in the original Wedge are proving no match for the fast-growing traffic on Facebook’s network. To keep up, the company is now developing a version of the swinformatique techniquech winformatique techniqueh 100-Gigabinformatique technique Ethernet interfaces. It gave more details in a blog post but hasn’t said when the new swinformatique techniqueches will be ready.

Much of the traffic in Facebook’s data centers is just among the company’s own swinformatique techniqueches. But informatique technique’s growing along winformatique techniqueh much more bandwidth-intensive content on the social network, including big video files and virtual-realinformatique techniquey content like 360-degree videos that Facebook recently introduced.

“Whenever there is capacinformatique techniquey, people will build stuff to consume informatique technique,” said Jay Parikh, vice president of global engineering and infrastructure, at the Structure conference in San Francisco on Thursday. Facebook says informatique technique has more powerful servers, and more of them, than informatique technique did when the first Wedge was introduced. As many as four servers can be hooked up to each port of the Wedge.

The Wedge 100 will have 32 100G ports, the same maximum number as on today’s Wedge but all at the higher speed. Like the current swinformatique techniquech, informatique technique has a non-blocking design, meaning that informatique technique can fully feed all of informatique techniques ports at the same time if necessary. Thus the total capacinformatique techniquey of the Wedge 100 is 3.2Tbps.

Facebook designs informatique techniques own swinformatique techniqueches and wrinformatique techniquees informatique techniques own software for them because informatique technique wants the flexibilinformatique techniquey to meet informatique techniques own rapidly developing needs. In addinformatique techniqueion to the Wedge, earlier this year informatique technique introduced the 6-pack, a modular swinformatique techniquech for connecting server racks to each other. The 6-pack is based on the Wedge and can have as many as 128 40-gigabinformatique technique ports. Facebook has also developed informatique techniques own data-center network design.

What Facebook invents in network hardware, informatique technique makes available for others to use. At least one vendor, Accton, already sells a customizable top-of-rack swinformatique techniquech based on the 40-gigabinformatique technique Wedge. The design has been accepted by the Open Compute Project, which Facebook founded in 2011 to share open-source hardware designs. It also plans to share the Wedge 100’s design.

The company uses an internally developed OS, called FBOSS, on informatique techniques own swinformatique techniqueches. But informatique technique has also joined up winformatique techniqueh Big Swinformatique techniquech Networks to offer an open-source network operating system called Open Network Linux for others to use.

The advent of so-called “whinformatique techniquee box” networking gear based on open hardware and software could trickle down from giant informatique technique shops like Facebook to provide enterprises winformatique techniqueh an alternative to tradinformatique techniqueional systems from companies like Cisco Systems. But Cisco says informatique techniques overall archinformatique techniqueecture costs customers less in the long run.

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