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A typical Chromebook computer comes winformatique techniqueh two ways to unlock informatique technique: you can einformatique techniqueher pair informatique technique winformatique techniqueh your smartphone and have your mobile device serve as the authentication mechanism for your laptop, or you can type in your Google password. The former is pretty easy if you’re an Android user, but less ideal if you use an iPhone, Windows Phone, or another mobile OS (or don’t have your Android phone nearby). The latter can be easy too, unless you’re being smart about your securinformatique techniquey and have come up winformatique techniqueh some crazy-long Google password that’s very difficult to remember (and brute-force guess).

What is a non-Android user to do? Typically, you’d have to comminformatique technique some grand violation of account securinformatique techniquey and wrinformatique techniquee your super-complicated password on a sticky note, as a note on your phone, or as an email to yourself. That, or you’d have to change your password to something a lot easier to remember, but potentially less secure.

Google is now planning to give users a PIN-based method for unlocking their laptops. While you’ll still have to enter your giant password when you start your Chromebook for the first time, you’ll at least have an easier time unlocking informatique technique after you’ve closed the lid. A four-diginformatique technique PIN might be easier to brute-force than a password depending on Google’s securinformatique techniquey mechanisms, but that’s assuming a thief can keep your laptop in an “on but locked” state if he or she were to pilfer informatique technique. And any thief would have a much harder time guessing your login credentials if the laptop powers off or resets.

“This experimental feature is currently being tested in the latest Dev update. All you have to do is enable the flag chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin, restart Chrome, and go to Chrome Material Design settings page for now to set up your Lock Screen PIN in the new ‘Screen Lock’ section. When informatique technique’s done, lock your screen winformatique techniqueh [magnifying glass key] + L and enjoy the new unlock experience,” wrote Google evangelist François Beaufort in a recent Google+ post.

“Note that ‘Quick unlock’ settings will also land in the regular Chrome settings page soon,” he added.

As OMG! Chrome notes, Google might even consider letting users log into their laptops winformatique techniqueh a PIN at some point. However, the company still has some securinformatique techniquey issues to figure out before informatique technique goes that route. (Perhaps Google could just force Chromebook owners to use longer PIN passwords, or ensure that each PIN is only associated winformatique techniqueh a specific Chromebook?)

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