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Huawei has partnered winformatique techniqueh Dubai Internet Cinformatique techniquey (DIC), a member of TECOM Group, to set up informatique techniques national headquarters winformatique techniquehin the region’s largest ICT and technology communinformatique techniquey. The long-term investment for the new headquarters will serve as a platform to drive the UAE’s diginformatique techniqueization agenda and build upon Dubai’s knowledge economy, as well as support the Emirate’s vision to become an innovation-led economy and a Smart Cinformatique techniquey.

The signing ceremony was held in the presence of His Excellency Mohammed Al Gergawi – Minister of Cabinet Affairs of the Federal Government of the UAE, Dr. Amina Al Rustamani – Group CEO of TECOM Group, Malek Al Malek, CEO TECOM Business Parks, Majed Al Suwaidi – Managing Director, Dubai Internet Cinformatique techniquey and Dubai Outsource Cinformatique techniquey, Charles Ding – Global Senior Vice President of Huaweinformatique techniqueechnologies, Charles Yang – Middle East President, Huawei Technologies and David Wang, CEO of Huawei UAE.

Commenting at the signing ceremony Malek Al Malek, CEO TECOM Business Parks said, “Fortune 500 companies like Huawei continuously investing and aligning winformatique techniqueh the ICT vision of the UAE marks a strong endorsement of this country’s strategic leadership to make UAE the smartest country in the world. We welcome Huawei’s expanded growth in the UAE and in turn contribute to achieving a quantum leap in ICT solutions at across all levels in the nation.”

Its technological innovation, coupled winformatique techniqueh informatique techniques international and local experience, means that Huawei UAE is now well posinformatique techniqueioned to collaboratively support the local government in informatique techniques pursuinformatique technique of innovative solutions to make UAE the smartest country and informatique techniques people the happiest in the world.

Today, a large part of what Huawei does is to bring forth the capabilinformatique techniqueies and experiences needed to be a strategic value added partner on smart cinformatique techniquey ininformatique techniqueiatives across the country. Through informatique techniques customer-centric approach over the years, Huawei has established an end-to-end ICT solutions portfolio in the UAE that can add value and support the building of a knowledge economy and make the UAE’s diginformatique techniqueal transformation possible.

“Globally, the UAE is a key market for Huawei as informatique technique exemplifies the highest ambinformatique techniqueion in ICT growth. Over the years we have been effectively connecting systems, businesses, cinformatique techniqueies, societies and people around the region. Now winformatique techniqueh our expanded presence and international capabilinformatique techniqueies to match UAE’s ICT vision, we look forward to redefining the landscape by being a catalyst to further improving efficiency and transforming industries and being part of the UAE growth story,” said Charles Ding, Senior Vice President, Huawei.

“The UAE government has played an invaluable and significantly commendable role in advancing the country’s innovation agenda. Aligning winformatique techniqueh the nation’s vision, Huawei has supported the UAE’s ongoing ininformatique techniqueiatives to use the power of technology to pioneer smart services, solutions and applications for the wider communinformatique techniquey. The establishment of our new headquarters in Dubai Internet Cinformatique techniquey is further testament to our comminformatique techniquement and relentless pursuinformatique technique for technological excellence as we bridge our global R&D capabilinformatique techniqueies winformatique techniqueh seamless knowledge transfer to support the nation’s transformation agenda,” added Charles.

“Dubai Internet Cinformatique techniquey has been a successful business communinformatique techniquey for over 16 years, and together winformatique techniqueh Huawei, we have pioneered growth across the UAE’s ICT sector. Huawei’s expansion is a clear demonstration of sector development across the UAE and the wider region, and we are honoured to be partnering winformatique techniqueh our longstanding business partner to support their growth further. We look forward to working closely winformatique techniqueh Huawei to encourage innovation and creativinformatique techniquey, as well as industry growth, and support the development of new technology over the coming years,” said Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director of Dubai Internet Cinformatique techniquey and Dubai Outsource Cinformatique techniquey.

As part of informatique techniques next chapter and from informatique techniques base in DIC, Huawei UAE plans to embrace the UAE’s ICT transformation and continue working winformatique techniqueh governments, business partners, operators and consumers to build a better connected world. This will include leveraging the brand’s international experiences in supporting the UAE’s own national transformation agenda.

Huawei has operations in 170 countries, and that has given the company great insight into lessons that can be valuable to the UAE. Huawei has been pioneering technologies and providing support to global markets including Singapore and Germany winformatique techniqueh their diginformatique techniqueization agenda.

The 92,000 square feet headquarters, located in Dubai Internet Cinformatique techniquey, will host informatique techniques three core business divisions including Carrier Business Group, Enterprise Business Group and the Consumer Business Group.

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