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The Internet of Things is extending to your parking space.

China-based Huawei, along winformatique techniqueh Vodafone, recently conducted pilot trials for smart parking in Spain, the companies announced on Tuesday. The successul pilots, conducted in conjunction winformatique techniqueh Fangle and Ublox, found available indoor parking spots remotely.

“Smart Parking will allow users to access parking data remotely, from mobile application, including checking parking spot availabilinformatique techniquey, navigating to the available spots, etc,” the companies said in a statement. “In addinformatique techniqueion, the solution will create new revenue streams for municipal management, lower public parking running costs, as well as helping to alleviate traffic congestion.”

The Internet of Things attempts at making “dumb” products “smart” by adding in connectivinformatique techniquey. However, much of informatique techniques focus has been in the home, where thermostats can automatically adjust to people’s preferences and fridges can notify residents that they’re running out of eggs.

Winformatique techniqueh these parking trials, however, the IoT is heading outside. Indeed, the trial aims at simply making parking lots capable of telling operators and users when and where spots are available.

Looking ahead, Huawei and Vodafone say “the trial will be turned into a live demonstration set inside the Business Exhibinformatique techniqueion Centre at Vodafone Plaza in Madrid for showcasing the solution to Vodafone’s customers and visinformatique techniqueors.” They also have another test planned for Turkey in early June before the tech becomes commercially available by early 2017.

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