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Hot on the heels of one of the most convincing prototypes of Apple’s next iPhone that has surfaced so far, Bloomberg reported this week that the new handset would feature a 3D Touch-like home button.

Cinformatique techniqueing unnamed people familiar winformatique techniqueh the matter, Bloomberg reported that the next iPhone’s home button will respond to pressure winformatique techniqueh a vibrating sensation rather than a click as informatique technique does currently. That would make informatique technique similar to Apple’s 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6s, which activates a haptic feedback sensation when you apply pressure to the screen.

Bloomberg’s sources also confirmed two other widely-circulated rumors: the next iPhone will come winformatique techniquehout a headphone jack and will include a dual camera system to capture brighter photos winformatique techniqueh more detail. A purple iPhone prototype that Unboxing Therapy showed off last week also corroborated those changes.

The absence of a headphone jack is widely rumored and has caused much consternation, though some early prototypes have included one. There’s also been no shortage of theories about how Apple will pipe audio out of the device.

In addinformatique techniqueion to informatique techniques similarinformatique techniquey to 3D Touch, the new haptic feedback home button will closely resemble the capabilinformatique techniqueies of the trackpad on Apple’s 2015 MacBook, signaling Cupertino’s comminformatique techniquement to continue investing in the technology. It’s not clear from Bloomberg’s report what addinformatique techniqueional features a haptic feedback home button would provide.

Whatever physical features end up being included—or abandoned—on the new iPhone, informatique techniques software capabilinformatique techniqueies won’t be a surprise. Apple has extensively touted the features of informatique techniques next mobile operating system, iOS 10, which informatique technique unveiled at WWDC in June. It overhauls Messages and includes a new version of Siri that supports third-party integrations, among other changes.

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