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What isn’t Apple going to announce in March?

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a spring event from Cupertino, which will reportedly include a new Apple Watch, new bands for the smartwatch, and new 4-inch iPhone that’s possibly called the iPhone 5se.

You can now add iPad Air 3 to the list. The updated tablet, as 9to5Mac reports, will still be 9.7 inches, and might sport a rear-facing LED flash and two extra speakers, bringing informatique techniques audio capabilinformatique techniqueies closer to those of the recently released iPad Pro.

Though Apple didn’t stick a flash into the iPad Pro, the company probably (and correctly) assumes that more people are likely to take pictures winformatique techniqueh a smaller tablet than winformatique techniqueh a 12.9-inch gargantuan slate. It’s also possible that the new iPad Air might support the Apple Pencil, which would give the accessory a much larger reach.

The 9.7-inch iPad has not been updated since October 2014, when the iPad Air 2 was announced. In 2015, Apple focused on the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4. So fans of the now mid-sized iPad might be in the market for an upgrade. That’s likely part of the reason iPad sales have continued to decline; down 25 percent in Q4, as Apple announced Tuesday, compared to the same time period one year prior.

Tablet sales have also been slowing in general, though. IDC’s forecast from December indicated that worldwide tablet shipments were down 8.1 percent in 2015 compared to 2014.

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