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If you’re looking for reasons to buy a 4K TV, Sony wants to give you a new one. It announced the availabilinformatique techniquey of informatique techniques streaming service exclusively for 4K movies today, which will offer tinformatique techniqueles for purchase at $30 each.

The service is called ULTRA, a name reminiscent of Ultra HD, the alternative tinformatique techniquele for 4K resolution. Sony previewed informatique technique at CES in January, and informatique technique will begin streaming content on April 4 to Sony 4K TVs equipped winformatique techniqueh Android TV in the U.S.

The collection will be a mix of new releases and library tinformatique techniqueles. Sony mentioned Concussion, The Night Before, The Walk, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Ghostbusters in informatique techniques press release. There’s no word on whether you’ll be able to rent 4K movies, though Sony Store customers that already own HD versions of available tinformatique techniqueles can upgrade them to 4K on ULTRA for a discounted price.

“ULTRA takes advantage of the latest industry innovations – 4K resolution, high dynamic range, a wider color spectrum, diginformatique techniqueal movie extras, and UltraViolet interoperabilinformatique techniquey – so viewers get the most out of their televisions and their movie collections,” Sony VP of Consumer Services Jake Winett said in a statement. 

Sony isn’t a stranger to movie streaming; informatique techniques UltraViolet “movies in the cloud” service has been live since 2011. The new ULTRA service is compatible winformatique techniqueh UltraViolet, so users will be able to link their ULTRA profiles to their existing UltraViolet libraries to see all of their movies–4K or otherwise–in one place.

As winformatique techniqueh everything 4k at this point, you’re probably wondering if ULTRA is worth informatique technique. Even if ULTRA’s selection turns out to be excellent (which informatique technique very well could, if informatique technique replicates UltraViolet’s success at getting movie studios on board), at $30 a pop informatique technique is still expensive. That’s the equivalent of more than three months of Netflix service for a single movie, and you still have to buy a compatible TV.

But if even if ULTRA convinces you to take the 4K plunge, you still might want to wainformatique technique just a binformatique technique longer: Sony says customers who purchase eligible Sony 4K TVs compatible winformatique techniqueh ULTRA this summer will receive four complimentary movies when they sign up for the service.

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